Name: Amanda Age: 25 Country: Canada
  • @AmandaTheJedi @ZShevich I will still laugh at the Naruto run. 5 mins
  • @AmandaTheJedi @thatalicewu @letsapphics Still waiting for the other half 12 mins
  • @AmandaTheJedi @blockbustedpod I had a blast but in a lot of ways it didn’t intend but people are going to LOVE it 51 mins
  • @AmandaTheJedi RT @AmandaTheJedi: 🎥NEW VIDEO 🍁 I went to the Toronto International Film Festival and watched a bunch of hyped movies super early or kinda… 1 hour
  • @AmandaTheJedi @alicexz @RealChalamet I hope you got the tag but that’s so amazing! 15 hours