Name: Mateusz Jasiński Age: Unknown Country: France


  • @AlanzqTFT #sponsored Today I'm gonna check out Raid: Shadow Legends, can't wait to get backseated from you guys 😎 1 day
  • @AlanzqTFT RT @TeamLiquid: Announcing - SHOWSTOPPER A Valorant showmatch with Team Liquid and @Armada Tune in on the 17th for games with @Andrew_Ra… 3 days
  • @AlanzqTFT Having internet problems, hopefully will be fixed until evening, so we can go through patch notes and theory craft on stream. Sorry guys😿 4 days
  • @AlanzqTFT Yday reached 700LP , on today's session we gonna try to reach 1k LP. Check out if we succeed FIXED SLEEP SCHEDULE… 9 days
  • @AlanzqTFT Hit Master EU mainly with Veimer 61-19 record. Deck is right now strongest in game, gets countered by aggro burn. 15 days