Name: Mateusz Jasiński Age: Unknown Country: France
  • @AlanzqTFT RT @PlayRuneterra: “Erm… Diana… are you any good with technology? I’m just—this robot, it’s—oh, blast it. Better stick to boomerangs and gr… 19 days
  • @AlanzqTFT those reveals are sweeeeeat, dragons have some potential 24 days
  • @AlanzqTFT RT @RuneterraJP: 「シヴァーナ、怒れる龍よ。同胞たちを連れてこい。荒れ狂う劫火と霧によって、世界のすべてを無に帰そう」 #LoR #ルーンテラ 24 days
  • @AlanzqTFT RT @RubinZoo: From the studio who brought you Aphelios, The Veiled Temple, The Fangs, and Stress Testing..... 25 days
  • @AlanzqTFT Ekko main YEP 30 days