Name: Thomas Mulligan Age: 24 Country: USA


  • @72hrs 15 hours
  • @72hrs RT @VividFN: Probably the worst we've ever played as a duo and we got 24th. We fix it and go AGANE 🙂 1 day
  • @72hrs got 70 points which looks like top 20, go next ggs 1 day
  • @72hrs @TeamLiquid @MonsterGaming this dude is cracked on the sticks bruv 3 days
  • @72hrs @NukeLeaksFNBR ya that sketchy 3rd party way that may or may not get you banned? hard pass 3 days
  • @72hrs @MonsterGaming 3 days
  • @72hrs Add an FOV slider in the item shop for 10k vbucks 😏👍? 3 days