Olé, Olé, Olleh
Olé, Olé, Olleh
Olleh Completes Our Bot Lane
“I’m really happy that I will get to play for Team Liquid, and I will try my best to win NA LCS.

I’m really excited to play with Jake, because me and Jake’s synergy is just really good. We just understand each other. And about Pob, we just experience the same things together and I really like his attitude as a pro player and I also respect him as a pro player. So I’m also really excited to play with Pob.

I’m really happy that I can join Team Liquid. I cherish this chance and I will be the hardest worker in Team Liquid. I saw Doublelift tweet he will be the hardest worker, but I already sent a message to him saying, ‘You can’t beat me!’”
— Kim "Olleh" Joo-sung
The Support life is tough. Buy wards, protect your carry, take one for the team. In a game full of flashy plays and terrible, terrible damage, the impact of an elite support can sometimes be overshadowed or overlooked.

In the Summer Split of 2017, however, no one could overlook Olleh. Throughout the year, Olleh showed how much a support could accomplish, and he deservedly received plaudits for his performances. Joo-sung received 103 Points — the most points received of any award in NA or EU — to earn a spot on the NA All-Pro Team. His work on playmaking supports turned heads as well as matches, despite the added pressure of taking up a valuable import slot in his position.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that we have signed Kim "Olleh" Joo-sung as our starting support. He will rejoin former teammates Pobelter and Xmithie, and partner with Doublelift in our bot lane. This reunion will ease the development of synergy in the team, and we’re confident that this will become North America’s most imposing duo.
LCS Roster
LCS Roster
Starting Support: Olleh
Olleh is one of the most well-travelled players in League of Legends history despite his young age. With a career that spans 4 different regions, Olleh has proven that he has the adaptability and poise to thrive in any situation or meta. Renowned for his skill on playmaking supports like Thresh and Bard, Olleh is one of the few supports that can visibly make an impact in every game that he plays. MVP candidate, Rank 1, and All-Pro, yet Mr. Humble Diligent knows he still has room to grow.