Team Liquid is one of the largest esports brands in the West. Our players compete at the highest level in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Street Fighter, Smash, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Quake and PUBG. Follow our news coverage as our players participate in tournaments around the world.
News Archive
League of Legends   Team Razer 1v1 Road to Glory Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to experience this scenario, one so often only spoken about with the hushed, reverent tones typically reserved for myths and legends: you are decimating your opponent in mid and are feeling pretty satisfied with your odds of winning your promos.
League of Legends   Rebirth | Episode 8 In the season premiere of Rebirth we follow Team Liquid's captain, Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera during the first three weeks of LCS.
Hearthstone   Savjz Dreamhack Summer 2015 Recap I spent last weekend battling at Dreamhack and wrote a short recap of my tournament run. I've also touched on the decks and why I chose them before the event.
League of Legends   Battle Report: NA LCS Week 3 Team Liquid’s schedule is getting tougher and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Our matches against Cloud9 and Team Impulse, particularly the latter, prove that we have what it takes to challenge top teams.
Heroes of the Storm   Liquid`Heroes Win All-Stars at DH Summer 2015 This weekend Team Liquid’s Heroes of the Storm team defended their Dreamhack title in the Turtle Beach Dreamhack Allstars tournament in Jönköping, Sweden. The $10,000 Event was the epicenter for some of the best Heroes games we’ve seen to date out of the squad.
  G2A Pick of the Week: FF XIV: Heavensward Every week, Team Liquid will supply you with their pick for the G2A Game of the Week, which you can buy at an extremely discounted rate thanks to the G2A Weekly Sale. This week, we’ve chosen the upcoming expansion to the surprise-hit MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.
League of Legends   Rebirth | Season 2 Trailer Following an explosive performance at the Spring Play-offs, the team starts the Summer Split on a stronger foot. As the squad grows accustomed to each other, the teams performance on the Rift improves greatly. We know you want more backstory, more insight, more Rebirth--yes, it's back.
League of Legends   Battle Report: Week 2 NA LCS Team Liquid entered week 2 of the NA LCS and ended up with a result on two sides of the spectrum. On one hand, we absolutely devastated Enemy and on the other, we were beat up by our brothers, Team Gravity.
CS:GO   HTC Reborn Invitational: FugLy's First Impressions With the HTC Reborn Invitational underway I spoke with Jacob “FugLy” Medina about the newest iteration of the North American shuffle. In his own words, FugLy gave his opinion on who are strong contenders and who got the short end of the stick with their new roster changes.