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News Archive
  TL Position Opening: Head Coach Moving into the 2016 NA LCS, Team Liquid seeks a Head Coach for our League of Legends professional team. As coach for Team Liquid you will interface with the League of Legends players, teams, and staff to optimize performance. You will be located in Santa Monica, CA and requested to start in September 2015.
StarCraft 2   Mana places 2nd at WCS MaNa can stand proud. In the last WCS tournament of the HotS era, in the one tournament that mattered most, in the one tournament in front of his country, MaNa stood up and gave a fight any fan could be proud of.
League of Legends   Rebirth | Episode 13 In conjunction with HTC, Team Liquid brings you a series that follows our League of Legends team through the wild life of the NA League of Legends Championship Series.
StarCraft 2   Mana & Snute at WCS Premier Season 3 For every foreigner player, WCS is everything. It has the most prestige, draws the most viewers and boasts the largest prize pool of any league. It is the most important event for any foreign player, especially as this iteration will probably be the last HotS WCS. For both Liquid players, this could be even more than that.
Smash   Nairo Grabs First at Paragon LA Coming hot off his first Smash 4 national tournament championship at SKTAR 4, Nairo flew across the U.S. to Los Angeles, California to play in one of the most stacked Smash 4 tournaments yet: Paragon Los Angeles 2015.
  G2A Pick of the Week: Fallout 3 Every week, Team Liquid will supply you with their pick for the G2A Game of the Week, which you can buy at an extremely discounted rate thanks to the G2A Weekly Sale. This week, we’ve chosen the world-renowned RPG, Fallout 3.
Smash   TL Smash Raids Paragon In the next two days, Los Angeles will claim host to the biggest Smash tournament since this year's Evolution Championship Series. Paragon, the second of its name, is gearing up to deliver a show that will rival most.
  September Fan Friday The first Friday of every month we will be holding a Fan Art Friday giveaway and this month it will be Friday, September 4th! Be one of three to win Team Liquid swag and prizes! Also, one lucky winner will be featured on the next Fan Art Friday giveaway.
CS:GO   Hiko and GBJames joining our ranks Team Liquid is delighted to welcome two new faces to our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division. Welcome Hiko and GBJames!