Team Liquid is one of the largest esports brands in the West. Our players compete at the highest level in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Street Fighter, Smash, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Quake and PUBG. Follow our news coverage as our players participate in tournaments around the world.
News Archive
Hearthstone   A Legend Returns: Introducing Liquid`Elky One of the most successful legends from Brood War and poker returns to esports. Today we're happy to announce that Elky will be joining Liquid as part of our Hearthstone team.
  Liquid takes D2CL Season 6! Liquid's new Dota team have won their first tournament playing under the blue banner! KuroKy and co continued their recent dominating play through the sixth iteration of the Dota 2 Champions League, an online tournament with some stiff competition, featuring two Fall Major attendees.
CS:GO   nitr0: "We have a few things up our sleeves." The Liquid CSGO boys are back from DreamHack Cluj-Napoca and will now begin there tour of NA tournaments. First among them will be the iBuypower LAN in Santa Ana, CA which starts on November 14th (mark your calendars, TL Fans!). We got time to sit down with Nick “nitr0” Cannella to catch up on all the action and what the squad has planned for the tournament and beyond!
  Liquid explore Blizzcon Another year, another Blizzcon. This time around, Blizzard’s largest annual event hosted some wicked announcements, a gratuitous amount of esports, and set the foundation for all the good things that happen when a community bands together. And like every year, Team Liquid got in on a lot of this action. While there were some pre-con heartbreaks, that didn’t stop the organization from taking part in the festivities to have a little fun—really, that’s all that matters!
  November Fan Friday The first Friday of every month we will be holding a Fan Art Friday giveaway and this month it will be Friday, November 6th! Be one of three to win Team Liquid swag and prizes! Also, one lucky winner will be featured on the next Fan Art Friday giveaway.
Heroes of the Storm   TL Heroes sign Lowell After lots of scouting by the Duran brothers, we have enlisted Lowell from Fnatic as our initial recruit. It is the first step towards new and bigger championships, and we would like to give him a warm welcome to the team. We'd like to thank Fnatic for working with us to make Lowell's transition to Liquid clean.
League of Legends   Store Closing Temporarily You cried, then we heard! We know you've always wanted a sick poster of our League of Legends team, so now's your chance!
CS:GO   Liquid CSGO rides into DreamHack Cluj-Napoca The level of competition at CS:GO majors has increased steadily since DreamHack Winter 2013 and the trend continues heading into Cluj-Napoca this week. Liquid surely didn't land themselves in an easy group, but they'd be hard pressed to find one at all for this event.
  Team Liquid CSGO Giveaway: Show us how you sticker Hey all! Team Liquid is giving a way a lot of cool prizes. All you have to do is buy some stickers--but wait, don't play CSGO, or you can't get stickers right now but LOVE supporting the team? There's good news! Every fan, sticker owner or not, can still enter for a chance to win some sweet prizes.