Team Liquid is one of the largest esports brands in the West. Our players compete at the highest level in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Street Fighter, Smash, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Quake and PUBG. Follow our news coverage as our players participate in tournaments around the world.
News Archive
Quake   Liquid talk Quake Champions We sat down with Quake legends Tim "DaHanG" Fogarty and Shane "rapha" Hendrixson to get a quick opinion on Quake Champions.
  Mobalytics Open Beta is here! Team Liquid is excited to announce that our partner Mobalytics is launching their Open Beta today.
Dota 2   Liquid Wins The International 2017 History was made today as Team Liquid won The International 2017.
  Team Liquid Enters the Battlegrounds Team Liquid enters the Battlegrounds! Announcing our PUBG sqaud: Scoom, Molnman, Hayz, and Ollywood.
Dota 2   Team Liquid: The Road to TI The International is only a day away, and Team Liquid is raring to go. With three titles under our belts over the past few months, we're in prime position to win it all. Here are the stats behind our road to The International.
Dota 2   How to watch The International The International is once again upon us. It's the single biggest prize in all of esports, and our Dota team is in great form heading into the tournament. If you're a Liquid fan that has never watched Dota but wants to support the team, here is a handy guide to understand Dota's premier event.
Overwatch   The Evolution of Esports 5 time QuakeCon Champion Shane "Rapha" Hendrixson talks about esports past, present, and future.
League of Legends   Welcome, Liquid'Mickey Welcome Mickey to Team Liquid League of Legends!
Dota 2   Another Title Defense: Liquid win DreamLeague Three title defenses; three titles for Team Liquid. DreamLeague is just the latest triumph for our Dota team, and they did it in style. Will we see Pugna safe lane at TI?