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News Archive
Dota 2   Liquid places second in the Manila Major After falling to the lower bracket in the quarter finals of the Manila Major, Liquid had 5 perilous rounds to conquer in order to reach the Grand Finals. With a little luck and even more determination and resolve, Liquid scaled the tournament one opponent at a time in order to face their great rivals, OG, for a million dollars and the title of Major Champions.
Hearthstone   Keeping Up On Standard With Neirea It's safe to say that Hearthstone's gotten more fun since the release of Standard. While most of the top decks were figured out pretty quickly, there still remains space for experimentation. I was a little let down by how quickly the top decks were solved but this is to be expected given the sheer volume of matches played.
CS:GO   Liquid CSGO Update Rumors have been flying about the status of our Counter-Strike roster since the conclusion of our ELeague season. Today, we want to update you with the first bit of information on what the future holds for us.
  Team Liquid Jersey 20% Off! The LCS NA Summer Split is starting this weekend and we are kicking it off by having our team jersey for 20% off from June 3rd to June 10th! No promo code necessary.
StarCraft 2   Liquid`TaeJa Retires The time has come for one of the most legendary Team Liquid players to retire, TaeJa. No more Summer of TaeJa's.
Overwatch   Pro Impressions: Dummy talks Overwatch Overwatch released about a week ago and let's face it: the game is great. But does it fit in with the competitive crowd? We sat down with Liquid'Overwatch Team Captain, Tim "Dummy" Olson, to get the immediate rundown on how the game feels.
League of Legends   Dardoch Suspension With the 2016 Summer Split right around the corner the team has been practicing with a purpose in Korea to improve upon last season's accomplishments. Due to recent behavioral problems and team dynamics issues we are suspending Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett. We will continue to support him and work to resolve issues while also facilitating a possible transfer to other teams.
Dota 2   The Epicenter Epilogue: An Interview with the Players With their latest triumph over their opposition and the spectre of second place, Liquid staked their claim as one of the best teams in Dota. It was not an easy tournament, but it was a deserved win at one of the most impressive events of the year so far. The players look back on Epicenter and what it took to finally reign triumphant.
League of Legends   Test Your Knowledge - Death By a Thousand Stacks w/ SirhcEz Death By a Thousand Stacks is the newest League of Legends quiz produced by Team Liquid, with voiceover by Chris "SirhcEz" Enteria. SirhcEz was swallowed into Summoner's Rift and there's only one thing he can do to survive: stack his Nasus Q! By answering a 10-question quiz on League of Legends gameplay and mechanics you can help him return to the real world.