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  Get to know the Guild! A timeline, intro, & more Liquid Guild has arrived and oh boy do we have some content for you! We'll be rolling out a guild-specific website with guides, stream links, donation incentives, and more. We'll even have a full timeline of Limit Guild's journey to Liquid Guild. This article here is the hub - a place where you can quickly find the Race to World First content that you're looking for. Click around and check it out.
League of Legends   Armao and the undying dream of the LCS Armao -TLA's team captain and jungler - has had a career like few others - in the LCS and even the world. He's seen ups, downs, and undulations that would have knocked most players out of the game. But he's endured them all, working towards the dream of playing in the LCS with same vigor he's had since he was on a top TSM team, a wild Echo Fox roster, or even an unknown COG amateur team. Learn about his history and drive in this article.
Valorant   The EMEA Preview: The Underdogs Part 2 of the EMEA preview is here, now covering the underdogs. In this tournament, the skill between the teams is close, making every underdog a threat of their own. Sliggy and Bacon review FPX, Na'Vi, BBL, SMB, London United, and G2 - accompanied by a brief summary of the team's style. Read more for a breakdown on the Turkish region's growth, Na'Vi being one of the best KAY/0 team in the world, and the power of the unorthodox comp.
Rocket League   Oski: New kid on the block Get to know the new member of Liquid Rocket League - Oski! Once a football prodigy, things changed for Oski due to an injury and a run-in with the highest octane esport out there. Now, the 15-year-old is looking to bring Liquid up to speed in the Rocket League circuit.
Rocket League   Welcome Oski and Atow! Welcome Oski and Atow to the Liquid Family! They'll be joining our Rocket League team to create a new and talented core. See the announcement for more details about our talks with Psyonix and links to more interviews.
Valorant   The EMEA Preview: The Favorites The first EMEA VCT circuit of the year is set to start, but there are a lot of new faces and teams to catch up on. If you're feeling lost in the massive world of Valorant, this article can be your guide. TL's coaching staff, Sliggy and Bacon, go over the favorites in this leg of EMEA: Acend, Gambit, Liquid, Guild, Fnatic, and BIG.
League of Legends   Bjergsen: The Golden Mean In an interview concerning both past and future, Bjergsen talks about why he returned to mid lane, trusting teammates, returning to hard-carrying, and finding the golden mean of the ego. Along the way, the article walks you through Bjergsen's legendary domestic career, his battle with rising star jojopyun, and what lies ahead for Liquid.
League of Legends   Hans Sama: Change & Commitment Hans Sama came to Team Liquid for a simple reason: To make his deepest Worlds run yet. The young French competitor isn't happy with "almosts" anymore and sees in TL a roster that can go far. In this interview, he talks the move over from Europe, NA solo queue, troubles in Rogue, and the difficulty of turning anger into wins at the highest level.
League of Legends   Bwipo: Creativity & Consistency In coming to Team Liquid's squad of veterans, Bwipo seeks consistency. Not only in teammates but in his own playstyle. In this feature, the dynamic top laner explains his goals for his future playstyle as well as the roots of the creative and unorthodox style he's known for - going into his relationship with Hylissang, World of Warcraft, and League itself.