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Valorant   I don’t give a damn what my stats look like "I don’t give a damn if I go 0-7 or 7-0 when I do some aggro plays." Jamppi says. Though, it's not because the infamously aggressive sniper doesn't care about the results. It's just the opposite. Jamppi's main motivation is winning and he does that through creating openings. In this interview, Jamppi talks about his role as a motivator, sniper, entry fragger, and star Guitar Hero player.
League of Legends | Dota 2   Team Liquid Extends SAP Analytics Partnership Here’s to another year - Team Liquid is proud to share that we’re extending our relationship with SAP into its 4th year. SAP helps us step our game up with incredibly high-level data analysis that improves our drafts, our practice, our preparation, and - in the future - our scouting.
Valorant   The Reykjavik Rundown with Sliggy: The Meta "I think there’s gonna be a crazy amount [of curveballs]. In this game it’s super hard to come against stuff that you haven’t seen before so I feel like there might be a lot of that." In this bonus round of Reykjavik Rundown Sliggy talks about the meta, the UK scene's big role in Valorant, and his love for the game.
Valorant   The Reykjavik Rundown with Sliggy: The West "I think we’re in a really good spot to win it all. [...] I think we're the best we’ve ever been." It's the third Reykjavík Rundown and time for Sliggy to analyze the West, his camaraderie with V1, the fated battle between EU and NA, and of course - Team Liquid's chances.
Valorant   The Reykjavik Rundown with Sliggy: The South “The team Vikings, from Brazil, really impressed me. Individually, these guys are great. I think they can have a really good run.” In the second edition of Reykjavík Rundown Sliggy gives his take on the LATAM and Brazilian teams. Here he sees a potential dark horse and a team that should be considered right up there with TL, Fnatic, and Sentinels.
Valorant   The Reykjavik Rundown with Sliggy: The East "Their style could work out really well or really bad, honestly." Sliggy says of Korea's NUTURN, "I don’t think there’s gonna be a middle ground." Sliggy gives you the rundown of the Korean region to open up the Reykjavík Rundown - a series of articles designed to get you caught up with Valorant's major teams and regions before the big Masters tournament.
League of Legends   Your Definitive MSI Tier List Flowers in bloom, warm fronts rolling in, rain clouds coming and going, and premature fears of NA falling out in the play-ins of an international League tournament…
StarCraft 2   Liquid`TaeJa Retires Team Liquid has written TaeJa several glowing tributes in the past—for his retirement, for his return to StarCraft II after military service, and once simply out of sheer appreciation for how good he was.
Smash   Liquid Legends: The Counterpick Unlike the two spacies (Fox and Falco), Melee’s mainstay floaties were not created equal. Puff is solidly better than Peach in a lot of respects and wins the matchup pretty handily.