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CS:GO | Apex Legends   Meet Kei: A deep dive on TL's newest member For many Liquid fans, kei might just be a new name. The 20 year old content creator came into the org through unusual means: winning a gauntlet of a show called the Next Wave. If you've watched the show, you've gotten to know the humble aim-god called kei. But if you want to go even deeper, be sure to read our full interview with the Next Wave champion!
WoW   Trill: The Bridge Between In the WoW community, the clearest divide might not be Horde and Alliance. It might be PvP and PvE. The professionals often stick to one side of the divide because of the amount it takes to reach the top level in just one mode is truly wild. But there is one player that bucks the trend - a player that's a bridge between: Trill. Learn about how Trill bridges the chasm between game modes and plays both at the highest level.
  The Liquid Review July 2022 We’ve officially passed the half-way point of the year, and through the record-breaking heat and surging inflation, it can feel nice to stop for a moment, and relax with a tall refreshing glass of video games.
  Community and pride: staff spotlight with Sarah A Team Liquid fan turned Liquid+ staff member, Sarah.GG is one of the many friendly faces that our fans get to interact with on a regular basis. They’re also an out and proud nonbinary person who embodies the phrase “be gay, play games”. We got a chance to sit down with them to discuss Pride month, career journeys, and why World of Warcraft is their favorite game.
  Liquid Pride '22: Show your colors Pride came to a close in June, but that doesn’t mean we stop celebrating. Alongside the community, we’ve put together something special as our way of showing solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community, letting the community show their colors, and as a thank you to the fans that keep the TL community inclusive and supportive.
Smash | Fighters   The L4st Meta: acola, Canada, and Steve (again) The L4st meta is back for round 2 and this time TL's own Smash coach talks about Canada and Japan's big wins, whether Ultimate is difficult or not, and Steve. Again! The Minecraft protagonist is the subject of the day again after acola's big win. Is he worth banning? Is acola a god? Where do these teenage Smash geniuses even come from, anyways? Read and find out.
  Liquid Pride '22: A Queer Q&A Happy Pride! We often hear that "esport is a space for everyone" but given the toxicity, the bad news, and bad actors in the space, it doesn't always feel that way. Rather than tell you that LGBTQ+ can make it in esports, we wanted to show you. This small staff Q&A is a fun reminder that you can be out and proud in the esports world and do great things within it. It's also a reminder that no matter what letter you are in the community, Pride is for you too.
  The Liquid Review - June 2022 Were you out celebrating Pride and enjoying the summer, missing out on the Liquid games? No worries, Tortious Tortoise has you covered with the monthly recap of all of Liquid's competitive endeavors. This month, catch up on the League team's hot and cold start, the changes in our CS roster, and one of the most exciting sets in the history of Liquid Smash Bros.
League of Legends | Smash   The Rise of the Resilience Meta Esports is known for burnout - athletes retiring in their mid-20's because they can't keep up. But Coach Bobby and Coach Chung are looking to change all that. They want to see a new world of esports where, as the field grows, so too do the number of veterans within it. By bringing in expertise from traditional sports, from science-based coaching, and from their unique backgrounds, they hope to bring about the Resilience Meta.