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  Team Liquid's Asian & Pacific Islander Food Zine Feeling hungry? Celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month with us and dive into our API Food Zine, a collection of experiences celebrating our love of gaming through our love of API cuisine!
Apex Legends   Reaching the Apex of the Leaderboards with Acie If you told past Acie that she would later join Team Liquid as a content creator, she would have never believed you. But her community believed in her, and they've since then become a great place of support in her ever-growing career.
Dota 2   No Favorites: iNSaNiA Talks the Stockholm Major Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi has captained the Team Liquid Dota 2 team for nearly three years, since joining the organization in 2019. After a couple of years with mixed results, the Team Liquid roster underwent a change after The International 2021 (TI10), and ever since then, they’ve become a dominant force in Europe. As the team heads to Sweden to try and stake their claim on the ESL One Stockholm Major, we caught up with Insania to talk about the last DPC Season, the upcoming Major, how the new roster is shaping up and what changes he hopes to see in the next big Dota 2 patch.
CS:GO | Smash | Fighters | Valorant   New Heights in Sight: oSee finds consistency in NA As the major approaches, get to know Liquid's star AWPer, oSee! The interview covers his stylistic choices on the AWP, how he managed to rapidly improve in NA, why he stayed in CS instead of going to Valorant, how shox helped him improve, and much more.
Smash   Stranded on Planet Ultimate In Smash, Olimar is a big of an enigma. A hard to understand character loaded full of nuances and different slices of archetypes. But this is because Pikmin is the same enigma in the world of gaming. In this interview, Dabuz breaks down Olimar and showcases how the unique character both survives and embodies Ultimate.
  The Liquid Review: Mid-March - April The Liquid Review is back after a very eventful April (and latter half of March). There's a lot - good and bad - to cover, and even more to look forward to. If you're looking to catch up on any Liquid teams you haven't been able to follow, or if you're just looking for some candid fan talk on our wins and losses, here's the place.
  Team Liquid and Alienware Present: The Pro Lab Team Liquid and longtime partner Alienware are launching The Pro Lab, a groundbreaking global training program. This initiative aims to quantify and analyze core cognitive skills that define a successful esports athlete, transforming the professional training experience and establishing new industry-wide practices.
StarCraft 2   Building a New Legacy Already having a decorated Starcraft career and a strong position as a caster, DeMusliM looks to reach familiar heights in a new game - Age of Empires. He's hoping to become a top 3 talent in a game studded with RTS stars - but there will be setbacks along the way, like creamy pastas and tough brackets. Read about DeMusliM's entrance into AoE right here.
Smash   Another Genesis: Hbox's chances of pulling it off For the first time in years, Hungrybox is not a favorite to win Genesis. It's been a long online era for Hbox, where he's seen more setbacks than usual. But with a big netplay run, it feels like there's a chance that we could see that Hbox magic again. But just what is that chance? Read the article and find out, right down to the percent.