The Liquid Mod

Team Liquid is proud to announce the beta of its Liquid Mirror Map and Liquid MOD. Images of the mirror map are located below. The map is in the shape of a giant Hex, with a smaller hex located in the center. 6 civilizations total can play on this map. A civilization will spawn on each of the 6 smaller hex corners. Each of these corners is located 8 hexs away from the closest civilizations.

The Liquid Mod, Liquid Mirror Map, and Spectator Mode are easily accessible through the Steam Workshop.

Download Instructions: Click the button below and subscribe to the Workshop to instantly install the Liquid Mod, Liquid Mirror Map, and Spectator Mode.
On Steam Workshop


The Liquid MOD enables a spectator mode of Civilization VI. In order to enable spectator mode of this Liquid MOD the host needs to open a 7th slot and the spectator needs to join that 7th slot. The spectator can pick any leader because the spectator will enter the game with no settler and no warrior, but they will have full vision of the map. The spectator will also be able to see full rankings of both teams. The spectator should go into the options menu and enable auto end turns so the game can be played smoothly without the spectator needing to end each turn.

  • Anti-Cavalry units (Spearmen, Pikemen) now have +20 vs cavalry (up from +10)
  • Archers now have 10 melee strength (down from 15)
  • [Bug Fix] Player-based Global Production Modifiers (like God of the Forge) now only affect YOU globally instead of all players.
  • Horsemen now have -12 Combat Strength when fighting cities and districts
  • Farms provide +3 FoodMines provide +3 Production
  • Pastures provide +1 Production and +2 Food
  • Irrigation improvements provide +1 Food and +3 Gold
  • All Civics cost 25% less Culture to research
  • All Units available from the Medieval Era and on cost 50% less Production
  • All Technologies cost 25% less Science to research
  • Scouts have 15 combat strength (up from 10)
  • Policy Cards unlocked by researching 'The Enlightenment' Civic (Rationalism, Free Market & Liberalism) now give 5 times their respective bonus.
  • Walls and Encampments have 50% HP.
  • 300% Great Person Point Generation for all types of Great People.
  • Turn Timers are now 30 sec base + 1 sec per unit + 6 sec per city.
  • All Districts cost 25% less
  • Temple (and Norwegian Stave Church) provides +10 gold +10 faith
  • Colosseum provides +10 Amenities to city
  • Amphitheater provides +10 Amenities to city
  • Art museum provides +10 Amenities to city
  • Stables provides +50% expereince to mounted units built in the city
  • Barracks provides +50% expereince to melee units built in the city
  • Armory provides +50% experience to all units built in the city
  • Market (and Polish Sukiennice) provides +10 gold
  • Library provides +10 science
  • University provides +25 science
  • Arabian Madrasa +30 science
  • Workshop provides +10 production
  • Shrine provides +10 faith
  • Lighthouse provides +3 gold for each ocean tile used.
  • Granary provides +10 housing
  • Water mill provides +5 production
  • Harbor (and English Royal Navy Dockyard) provides +20 gold
  • Aqueduct provides +10 housing (Roman Bath +12)
  • Banks provide +25 gold


  • Set starting locations. All start locations set to plains hills (required because without it sometimes people were on oasis and sometimes not, which couldn't be mirrored properly).
  • Player 1 will always start top left, Player 2 middle left, Player 3 bottom left, Player 4 top right, Player 5 middle right, and Player 6 bottom right. The resources on the map are randomly generated, but the placement is not so you can have a 3v3 match with set teams as long as the players occupy the correct Player slot in the staging room.
  • Removed all advanced options start position, temp, rainfall etc
  • Added a new advanced option called Rivers. Rivers can either be enabled or disabled, if enabled they will spawn randomly across the whole map (they can't be mirrored currently).
  • City states removed.
  • Goody huts disabled.
  • Barbarians disabled.
  • Starting warriors and settlers now stack on top of each other.
  • The map is not flat, the map is round with an ability to sail from one side of the map to the other side of the map.