The Arena Opens its Gates

When many of us at Team Liquid first started playing video games, the only mobile game around was 'Snake'. Much has changed since then, and the rate at which mobile games have advanced—in both technical and gameplay aspects—has been astounding. We no longer chase dots on a screen with a wiggly line; the games now have as much sophistication as other platforms.

Two things make mobile games truly unique: the popularity of smartphones and the touch screen input method. The smartphone is quickly becoming a necessity of daily life, and the fact that mobile games can be played by almost anyone at any time is a big opportunity. We all dream of a sci-fi future with touch screens and computers at our fingertips.

Granted, mobile gaming is still very young. There is still so much to explore and understand about how to turn the experience into a more competitive affair. However, it is difficult to ignore the potential, and mobile gaming world is an arena worth studying.

The game that has caught our attention the most is Arena of Valor. It is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and the Chinese version of the game, Honor of Kings, has a rapidly developing competitive scene in its home country. Aside from being a well crafted and skillful game, the developer, Tencent (who owns Riot Games), has given the game its full support.

Arena of Valor has a lot of potential, and we have been exploring ways to get involved in order to learn more about the space. Mobile esports is still a very young and underdeveloped area of the platform, and the game was only recently released, so it’s still a bit too early to dive right in. However, a tournament in the near future will give our fans an opportunity to experience the world of mobile esports first-hand.

North America’s Representatives

With the advent of esports for Arena of Valor, Tencent will be holding the AOV International Championships, beginning with its Asian leg. The tournament will be held from November 23-26, 2017 at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, and Team Liquid was invited to sponsor a North American team to play at the inaugural event. This team will be representing the continent in a series of showmatches to introduce the western world to AoV Esports. The team will be playing 2 event matches on day 4: one best of 1 against a celebrity team, and one best of 3 against the EU team. OGN will be hosting the tournament, and international fans will be able to tune in via Twitch.

A familiar face leads this North American squad: Cheng-Long “Nyjacky” Wang. He is one of the best AoV players in the region and helped select the members of the team that will represent NA in AOV International Championships.

Team Liquid will be supporting the team during the tournament, and we hope to learn more about the mobile gaming space by getting involved. Arena of Valor is a new game and mobile is still a young platform, and there is still much we have to learn about the space. We are hopeful about the future of Arena of Valor and this new experience, and we encourage our fans to give the game a try along with us.

A Potential Giant

It's impossible not to notice the buzz surrounding Arena of Valor, and it's now one of the most played games in the world. The scene in China has exploded and shows no signs of stopping, with King Pro League — China's top AOV league — drawing over 100 million viewers. The English-speaking market might be more than a little different, but Tencent has approached localization with a great strategy: using familiar characters. Time will tell if AOV in North America and Europe will catch up to China, but signs have so far been positive.

Meet the Team

These are the six players that will travel to Korea in North America’s first taste of AOV esports.


Chen-Long Wang
Esports Background:
Retired League Of Legends LCS Player. Team Liquid (Former Team Curse) is my first and my last team.
Win Rate:
72% (250 Games)
  • Most Played Hero
    Lauriel - 128 Games
  • Highest Win Rate
    Valhein - 77.6%
Q: What makes you so good at AoV?
AoV is pretty similar to the games I used to play (League of Legends, Vain Glory, Mobile Legends, Honor of Kings). I can pick AoV up really quick and get MVP most of games.
Q: What position do you play?
Mid - Mages.
Q: Who is your favorite hero?
Lauriel. She has low CD abilities, lots of mobility, and deals burst and AOE damage.
Q: What DC hero do you want them to add and why?
Harley Quinn, she is the badass and hot!!!! Wonder Woman.
Q: How do you feel about AoV's potential?
I know how big Honor of Kings is right now in China, and AoV is developed by the same company, Tencent. If Tencent is willing to put resources into AoV, AoV is gonna become the Top 1 Moba game in NA for sure.