The Liquid Review: September 2022 Eyes on Worlds: Midbeast fills you in on LPL and LCK Farewell Guilhoto, farewell superteam
CS:GO | Valorant   IMC presents: The Liquid Open Get ready because it’s time for the 3rd annual IMC and Liquid grassroots tournament! This time we’re changing the name to Liquid Open and joining the FPS world. How do I enter? What can I win? How do I tune in? Can I win anything by watching? Why is IMC - a trading company - supporting all of this? The answers to all those questions in the article.
League of Legends | CS:GO   //WAVE// EliGE & Bjergsen: NA’s Greatests Perhaps no 2 players reflect each other so evenly as Bjergsen and EliGE. The two consensus GOATs of a relatively weak region, they share similar struggles, successes, and even elements of process, style, and personality. In the first of the //WAVE// column, we compare their careers, their processes, and their time in NA in a side-by-side interview.
  We are a Wave of One: Team Liquid Over the years, Team Liquid has become the home of champions—winning major titles in StarCraft, Dota, League of Legends, CS:GO, Smash, Quake, R6, and more. In the process, we’ve built up. We went from a single StarCraft clan into a global organization that’s spread across some 20 esports. Our emblem has turned from a banner on a website into a shield of pride—a symbol that draws in thousands of fans from across the entirety of esports.
Smash | Fighters | Valorant   What makes a platform fighter good? In the platform fighter world, one of the biggest struggles is stepping out from the shadow of the Smash Bros. series. So many titles emulate the series - and Melee especially - in an effort to make a good fighter that will catch on and stand the test of time. But thus far, the most successful platform fighter is one that breaks the mold: MultiVersus. So, what does make a good platform fighter? And what makes a successful one? Dylan Tate, a veteran writer in the platform fighter community gives his opinion.
  The Liquid Review: August 2022 August gave Team Liquid fans a VALORANT miracle run that looks awfully familiar, a rare disappointing finish in the Quake World Championship, a rough DotA 2 major, an even rougher TSL, and of course, mustaches. It’s been a pretty up and down 30 days.
  The Road to Liquid+ Brazil At first glance this might look like a simple feature addition, but the Liquid+ Brazil launch is a big moment for Team Liquid. It marks the first non-English release we’ve ever done, and is a celebration of how much our Brazilian roster and fanbase has grown. Our Brazilian fans are some of the most dedicated in esports, and giving them this level of access to Liquid+ means they’ll get to join in the fun with the rest of us.
  We’re Bringing Liquid+ to Brazil Today, we’re proud to announce that Liquid+ will now feature a Portuguese language option!
PUBG   Farewell, PUBG! After 5 beautiful years, we're announcing an end to Liquid PUBG. We still have a deep love for this game but ultimately, we can't keep up with the changing economics of the scene. Though we're sad to leave, we're also happy to reflect on how good a run we had. To see letters from the the team, the staff, and Steve - as well as a history and some behind-the-scenes moments, please read the full article.
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October 2
  • DH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta: Europe
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  • The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifier
  • The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifier
  • The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifier
  • Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 3
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